Cassy Harlo was born in Detroit, Michigan. A middle child, a heat seeking missile for laughter and attention with a curly mop of impossible hair. Not much has changed. After years fronting the rock band "BABYJANE", she headed to college and then on to Chicago.

Within six months she earned both her SAG and AFTRA cards and started a career in comedy studying at the world famous Second City. She's an emmy winning co host and she's made several horror films, a few features and dozens of TV commericals but it is in Voice Over Land where Cass always shined the brightest.

She the very first female voice to be broadcast on TV nationally for Budweiser beer. She's a six season vetern of the ADR team for the Simpsons on FOX. She has six animated films to her credit and can be heard almost daily on E! Entertainment and The Playboy Channel.